"Lulu, I understand what a mineral is, but can you remind me again what a ROCK is!??"
"OK, Lou, we'll go through it again! Look at these pictures of rocks and then you tell me!!!"
"Oh, yeh, I remember! They all seem to be made of things stuck together!"
"You got it! Rocks are mixtures of minerals and other things that have become attached to each other!! The other things can be objects such as shells, bones, volcanic glass, or smaller rocks!"
"What about stuff like concrete or Aunt Louise's 'everything cake' or asphalt with bottle caps trodden into it?!"
"Rocks are restricted to natural origin, Lou!"
"Aunt Louise is a natural! OK, OK, I get your meaning!! So, how do rocks form!!??"
"We'll take that under consideration, Lou!"

© 2001, David J. Leveson