"This'll give you some exercise, Lou!" Look at the map! I've given you the contour interval and the elevation of point X. I want you to give me the values of contours A through G! And then determine possible values for points q, r, w, and y!"
INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate values by placing a NUMBER in the appropriate box. DO NOT write the numbers as words. Click the button to the right of the word 'Correct' to see if your answer is correct.
HINT: Click on the button and print out the map. Keep track of your correct answers on the printout.

1. Contour A? feet.     Correct?:-
2. Contour B? feet.     Correct?:-

3. Contour C? feet.     Correct?:-

4. Contour D? feet.     Correct?:-

5. Contour E? feet.     Correct?:-

6. Contour F? feet.     Correct?:-

7. Contour G? feet.     Correct?:-

8. Point q? feet.     Correct?:-

9. Point r? feet.     Correct?:-

10. Point w? feet.     Correct?:-

11. Point y? feet.     Correct?:-


© 2010 David Leveson/Revised by G. Rocha and Michelle O'Dea